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About Messerschmitts



Messerschmitts were built in Regensburg, Germany between 1953 and 1964.

The first model was the KR175. The improved KR200 followed in 1955.  The first open top model was the KR201 Roadster which was introduced in 1957. This model was very stylish with fake snakeskin upholstery. In 1958 the incredible Tg500 hit the roads. This had a twin cylinder 500cc motor, four wheels and hydraulic brakes and could be screamed up to 90mph ! Only 320 Tigers were built and are now highly prized by their owners. The KR200 Cabrio started production the same year and the KR201 Roadster was dropped. The Tiger production finished in 1961 and the last 3-wheeler left the production line in 1964, after a total production of about 30,000.



There are very active Owners Clubs in UK and Germany, catering for owners all over the world.