Messerschmitt Restorations

Messerschmitt bodywork and interior sets

About Myself                                                               



My name is Nick Poll and I have been into bubblecars since 1978. 

I joined the Messerschmitt Owners Club in 1980 and have been renovating and restoring Messerschmitts since and know them inside out by now !  I have lost count of how many I’ve owned and restored for other people. My family and I have driven many thousands of miles all over Europe in KR175’s, 200’s, 201’s and Tiger 500’s.

Back in 1985 two friends and I drove our KR’s to visit the designer of the Messerschmitt Fritz Fend in Regensburg, Germany.

I do all the renovation work myself, except the paintwork, which I farm out to a professional sprayer.

I've also been servicing and maintaining microcars for UK customers for many years. Here a photo of me working on a Messerschmitt.


                       And here a photo of me back in 1980 as a hairy teenager in my very first Messerschmitt with my firend Christian.